This page presents interactive demonstrations to accompany Online Interactive 4D Character Animation to be presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH Web3D Conference 2015. These demos require significant amounts of data and therefore may require some time to load, this is dependent on server load and internet connection speed. Rendering performance varies with the local machine and software. Our tests have been conducted on a Dell Optiplex 9010 with an nVidia GT 640 graphics card using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which gives a rendering frame rate of 30 to 70 fps.

Ultimately the goal is to use this technology on a variety of platforms (computers, tablets and mobile phones). Future work will need to address data size if this goal is to be achieved. This will consist of research into geometry compression algorithms and compression of dynamic appearance whilst maintaining visual quality.

Character Animation Engine Demos

Character Sequence Demos


Stand Stand2Walk Walk Walk2Stand Walk2Jog Jog Jog2Walk Hit Stagger Stand2Tense Tense


Stand StandSmile StandTurnHead Stand2Walk Walk Walk2Stand WalkPose Twirl


Walk Jog Jump Low Jump High Jump Short Jump Long Walk Turn Left Walk Turn Right Box Big Low Box Small Low