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Learning to Recognise Dynamic Visual Content from Broadcast Footage is a 4 year project funded by the EPSRC which brings together the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey, the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford and the Computer Vision Group at the University of Leeds to tackle the subject of automatically learn to recognise dynamic activity in broadcast footage with demonstration activities in both Sign Language and more general actions and activity. The task is to use linguistic annotation provided by subtitle text and scripts as weak supervision in the learning process. The project started in late 2011 and will run until 2015. As we progress, this site will be updated with results and publications so check back soon. For more details contact the lead academics at each site.

Institution Lead Academic Grant Reference
University of Surrey Prof Richard Bowden EP/I011811/1
University of Oxford Prof Andrew Zisserman EP/I012001/1
University of Leeds Prof David Hogg
Dr Derek Magee